Recent Highlights

Zoning rewrite:

Advocacy Committee members continuously participated over 13+ months and were often asked by the town Zoning Commission to provide it with our Chamber’s position (we are influencing the process).

Statements were prepared regarding temporary signs, internally illuminated signs and approval ‘by right’ of existing conforming signs on behalf of a subsequent business building owner. Hard-fought for gains were won for the business community (temporary signs, internally illuminated signs, etc.). Passed.

Advocate for Chamber members coming before Zoning Commission:

Advocacy Committee members continuously participate in Zoning public hearings to speak on behalf of Canton Chamber of Commerce members, appearing before the Zoning Commission, seeking project approval.

Design Standards Workshop for Route 44 and Collinsville:

avocacy-1Advocacy Committee members continuously participated in this process and effectively advocated for public approval of the advised appropriation of approximately $71,000 from the town budget undesignated fund balance for the purpose of creation of Collinsville and Route 44 design standards. The public majority in attendance at the Town Meeting voted “Yes”. Passed.

Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD):

Advocacy Committee members attended, monitored and commented upon the proposed Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).

Design Review Team:

Advocacy Committee had influenced the Zoning Commission and Board of Selectmen perspective of Design Review Team such that RFPs are out and bids are being considered for Design Standard creation.

Main Street Program:

Advocacy Committe advocated for public approval of a $387,000 state grant (no payback required) to implement public improvements to downtown Collinsville AND to approve the town’s corresponding required allocation of $40,000 to hire a consultant to collect public input about design of these improvements. Was approved at Town Meeting.

Collaboration with other organizations:

Canton Economic Development Agency (EDA) – Advocacy Committee has invited special guests from Canton EDA to discuss: 1) alliance, cooperation, communication between our organization and like-minded EDA (s)elected body regarding improving Canton’s business environment, 2) ‘branding’ Canton, 3) facilitating business growing public policy, 4) attracting businesses to Canton.

Weigh-in on town-wide matters:

Advocacy Committee attends, monitors and participates in Municipal Board and Commission meetings with the intention to positively influence outcomes in favor of our business community.

  • Provide notice to Chamber members of upcoming deliberations affecting

our business community: The Advocacy Committee urges Canton Chamber of Commerce members to express their pro-business views during municipal meetings, workshops and focus groups.

  • Provide opportunity and education for Chamber members:

Co-sponsored by the Advocacy and Education Committees was a Chamber-exclusive briefing regarding new zoning regulations by Neil Pade, Town Planner. Great information was received about zoning improvements which businesses may immediately act upon. Neil praised the Chamber Advocacy Committee for its input and influence during zoning rewrite negotiations spanning more than one year.

CCOC Zoning Regulation Presentation