Avon-Canton Chamber of Commerce

| October 8, 2020

After careful consideration, the Canton Board of Directors voted unanimously to combine with the Avon Chamber of Commerce to create a new Avon/Canton Chamber of Commerce.

Why combine? The heart of the matter in our decision was our inability to continue to provide value and meaningful services to our membership along with having a long-term vision and sustainability for our Chamber.  The new Avon/Canton Chamber will enhance your value of being a Chamber member while providing a wider array of services.  A significant portion of our members already have membership in both Chambers. In the long run, the future looks much brighter when we come together in this regional setting.

In the case of a Chamber of Commerce, bigger is better.  One of the key responsibilities of a Chamber is its ability to lobby and provide influence on behalf of its members in local and state government.  The Avon/Canton Chamber will be able to speak for our businesses on any issue with a much louder voice.

As members of the new Chamber you will have the same rights and opportunities to serve on committees and hold office.  The new Chamber will maintain a government committee and continue to meet with elected officials in both towns for information and updates.

The process for membership into the new Avon/Canton Rotary is an “opt in.”  All members will be asked to “opt in.” I you agree, your membership and renewal date will roll accordingly.  At renewal you will be billed at the current Avon Chamber rates.

The Board is certain this is the right time and the right direction for such a move. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

Lou Daniels, President, Canton Chamber of Commerce

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