5-STAR Committees

Our committee leaders are focused on advocating and advancing business success for you.


The Canton Chamber of Commerce is vital and growing due in large part to the innovative initiatives, networking opportunities and support that our 5-Star Committees; Advocacy, Outreach, Education, Marketing and Membership, provide each member. We help enhance business opportunities and are a valuable resource for members and residents alike.


Purpose: Advocate for and advance member success by engaging municipal and state policy makers in order to positively influence business regulation.


Purpose: Create member value by developing and facilitating networking opportunities that expand new business connections and sales potential.


Purpose: Initiate relevant, cost-effective advertising opportunities that increase member business visibility and support commerce.


Purpose: Advance success for Chamber members by establishing business-focused educational programs and resources.


Purpose: Provide charitable and community engagement opportunities for member involvement and business promotion.

Leadership-level involvement pays. Join a committee and…

  • Get access to local business and community thought leaders
  • Share your knowledge and skills
  • Build important business contacts
  • Discover new best-practices
  • Increase your business profile