2019 The Best of Ireland


The Canton Chamber of Commerce invites its members and the community to enjoy a 9-day trip to Ireland at the very reasonable cost of $2999 . The price includes all airfare to/from Dublin, 7 nights in First Class Hotels, 11 meals, sightseeing, a professional tour manager, and all hotel transfer fees.

Payment in full required by January 31st

March 19 – 27, 2019

Ireland’s a country that has never lost a shared sense of community. Even in towns and cities, the pace of life is gentler here; people stop to chat in the streets, they’re happy to give directions to tourists, they’re glad you’ve come and they’re sorry to see you go. Ireland has much to offer everyone. From storybook castles to magnificent gardens, wide open spaces to the bustle of international cities, breathtaking natural scenery to man made megalithic structures, Ireland opens her arms and welcomes you to explore her ancient sites, traverse her green fields and discover her treasures. The scenery is gorgeous, the weather is mild (though changeable), there is a rich cultural heritage to discover, and a wealth of music and stories to share. But the real joy of Ireland lies in the friendliness of the people, the warmth of their welcome, and the ease with which they make you feel at home. Pricing based on double occupancy.

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